Palette Tea Lounge & Dim Sum


Founded by the team of Koi Palace 鯉魚門, Dragon Beaux 俏龍軒, Palette Tea House 彩籠, Palette Tea Garden 彩苑 and Palette Tea Lounge 彩宴 introduces a modern approach to dim sum, seafood, Cantonese roast meats, and traditional Chinese cooking. Residing in the bustling Chinatown of Las Vegas, Palette Tea Lounge 彩宴 is the third location of Palette Tea House.

The 4,000SF+ restaurant features special items like Iberico Cha Siu Pork imported from Spain and a beautiful Roasted Peking Duck Set, yet offering a familiarly authentic dim sum experience.

The first Koi Palace was opened in 1996 by the Ng family, who came over to San Francisco as immigrants from Hong Kong. Influenced by the bustling seafood port of Lei Yu Mun in their hometown, the Ng's wanted to bring a piece of their heritage to America and share the experience of yum cha (the Chinese's tradition of a tea gathering) with the Bay Area. More than 20 years later, their vision stays the same as PTL aspires to build on the tradition of yum cha in the vibrant city of Las Vegas.


A modern Chinese concept, Palette Tea Lounge is derived from the team of Koi Palace and Dragon Beaux. Offering handcrafted dim sum, Canton-inspired bites, local seafood, roast duck and Chinese barbecue, alongside a curated tea selection not found anywhere else.

In addition to the Palette Tea House and Palette Tea Garden locations, Palette Tea Lounge is the third location of Palette, and the first location outside of California.